About MediTrak

MediTrak just tracks your medication. It tracks time, too, so it can keep track of your past and present medication. If you have any lined up, it can also line up any medication you are scheduled to take, and will make it "current", when the time comes.

You can view your current meds at a glance...

... or, you can view all your meds in greater detail.

And, because we realise that the names of meds can often be long and complicated, we allow you to add meds, choosing from every med that is approved, by either the UK's NHS or the USA's FDA..

Or, you can type your own name. This can be useful in those rare cases where people have to take a particular, branded, medicine.

If you need to visit a new doctor, MediTrak allows you to store a "sertificate" of any past, present and future meds. Correct names, correct dates, correctly sorted. A succinct record to pass the information to your new doctor, as seamlessly as possible.

MediTrak keeps track of your meds privately, within each person's own area on the computer. So, if you all use the computer, you can all track your medication*.

* MediTrak assumes that each person has a different Windows login.

Preview MediTrak

MediTrak requires the Microsoft .NET framework 4.8 or above. If you have not already installed it (it is required by lots of programs), the .NET Framework may be downloaded, free of charge, from https://dotnet.microsoft.com/ or via the button below. Please check that your system meets or exceeds both the hardware and software requirements of the Microsoft .NET 4.8 Framework, which are detailed at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/get-started/system-requirements .

Download .NET Framework Runtime

Once you have installed .NET 4.8 or above, you can download and instal a preview version of MediTrak by clicking:

Download MediTrak

MediTrak License


Lastly, please note that this is pre-release software, so any of these features might change as we cram more features into the application, and respond to user feedback.