Known DIEM Issues

There are a couple of small issues with version 0.14 of DIEM. None of these affects the overall running of the application. These issues are currently being investigated, but we didn't think any of them were sufficiently major to hold up the release.

1. In the Data Grid view, the tooltips above the columns are not being displayed. We use the symbols n(x) to represent the number of readings that were used to calculate statistics, x̄ to represent the average, and σ to represent the standard deviation.

2. During testing, a 1000-line CSV file was imported. All readings were imported correctly although it was observed that, occasionally, DIEM failed to calculate related statistics. You can work around this issue by selecting Tools | Statistics Calculator, then using this dialog to calculate any missing values.

3. In each of the graphs, the labels displayed on the vertical axes do not correspond absolutely with the data, although the difference is small. DIEM uses a third-party control for graphing, but we are investigating whether there is anything we can do about this. Where you see a discrepancy, the data in the grid should take precedence.

If you would like to report another issue, please get in touch.